Wednesday, November 30

Farmhouse Christmas Inspiration

Farmhouse Christmas Inspiration

Last week, I shared my vision for a calm and cozy farmhouse-inspired Christmas. Here are a few items currently on my wish list to help bring the look home. What are your inspirations this holiday season?

Tuesday, November 29

Style: My November Stitch Fix (#8)

After ordering my business trip capsule wardrobe this summer, I'd taken a bit of a hiatus from Stitch Fix in a quest to save money (we're still in the process of house hunting), but as fall temperatures started to get chillier and the holidays started to loom around the corner, I gave into temptation. My stylist, who also happens to be named Heather, did a great job with my November fix, which came just in time for Thanksgiving! Please excuse the indoor cellphone pictures - I had to mail my returns back to StitchFix the same weekend we were putting up our Christmas decorations and things were a little chaotic.

As always, it was obvious that my stylist Heather's really took the time to read my note and check out the changes I'd made to my Pinterest board. The puffer vest and plaid sweater looked very similar to things I'd pinned, and I'd specifically requested cozy sweaters and a new pair of dark wash skinny jeans.

#1: Mak Doreen V-Neck Pullover

This sweater is definitely going to be a StitchFix favorite for me - it's a classic piece in a great color (which happens to be one of the four that are flattering on everyone). The v-neck wasn't too low for my modest taste and the length was perfect. The sleeves were a little long, but I actually like that in sweaters! It's also super soft and really high quality. If you receive this one in your Fix, be sure to hand wash, ladies - the dye does run.

#2: Kut From The Kloth Dayna Skinny Jean

I've read rave reviews of KFTK jeans but hadn't had the chance to try on a pair. When I did, I could not believe how well they fit - especially the length. I usually have a really hard time finding jeans as a petite size 12 that aren't either too tight in the waist or too long. The denim is super soft and Mr. Q commented on how flattering they are, so they were definitely a keeper. Styled with the Mak sweater, some basic ballet flats, and a favorite rose gold necklace, they made for a perfect everyday outfit.

#3: Loveappella Keli Pullover Knit Top

I really wanted to like this sweater, since my stylist was obviously trying to answer my plaid-sweater wishes, but I just couldn't. I'm not sure if it's the colors (burgundy and blue) or the actual pattern itself (I think the placement of the stripes on me). I'm sure this sweater would look fabulous on someone, but I ended up returning it.

 #4: French Grey Peter Textured Knit Dress

My favorite piece from this Fix! This dress is wonderful - it's as comfortable as a t-shirt, but the textured design and swingy skirt make it really special. My stylist recommended pairing it with black leggings, and I knew it was a keeper when I added my favorite LuLaRoe pair. I ended up wearing this outfit with a navy cardigan for a big presentation at work the next week! I also knew as soon as I saw it that it would be perfect for Mr. Q's work Christmas party, and I look forward to sharing that outfit with y'all. If you're looking for specific pieces for holiday events, StitchFix stylists can definitely make that happen.

#5: Market & Spruce Anella Puffer Vest

Y'all, this black and white polka dot vest is adorable, and I loved how it dressed up the Mak sweater and dressed down the French Grey dress - what a versatile piece. The only reason I didn't keep it was because I already have a black and white patterned vest in my wardrobe.

Curious about Stitch Fix? 

I love StitchFix because it's helped me define my personal style and spend money on quality pieces rather than wasting my paychecks on trendy pieces I won't wear for more than one season. 

When you sign up for Stitch Fix's personal styling service, you pay a $20 styling fee and fill out a profile with your detailed size, style, and price preferences (that last option is especially important to me right now - I have my profile set to "the cheaper, the better"). Whether your closet leans toward classic, glam, preppy, or bohemian pieces, or you're looking to add more of a particular style to your wardrobe, the Style Profile is one place to give your personal stylist insights on what you're looking for. You also have the opportunity to write a personal note to your stylist with any specific requests, and link your Pinterest board to give your stylist even more inspiration so that they can pick five items just for you. When your Fix arrives, the $20 styling fee is applied toward the cost of any items you decide to keep from your shipment. If you decide to keep everything, you'll receive a 25% discount! If not, simply send anything you don't keep back to Stitch Fix in a prepaid Priority Mail envelope. 

I definitely recommend giving this service a chance if you're trying to find your personal style, simplify your life, or get on board with new trends. One of my favorite things about Stitch Fix is that unlike many subscription services, you can schedule as many or as few Fixes as often as you want - there's no obligation to keep paying the styling fee every single month! That's one way that I'm able to use a styling service while staying on a budget.

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, the holiday season is officially here, and it’s time to start making your gift list! If you have some hard-to-shop for people on your list, a Stitch Fix gift card might be the perfect present - from your busy mom, to your stylish BFF, and even to the men in your life, a StitchFix gift card would let them have a fun, stress-free shopping experience.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I signed up for Stitch Fix and purchase each of my Fixes myself. My opinions on this blog are always honest. This post does contain affiliate links - for each new sign-up I will receive a credit towards my next Stitch Fix.

Monday, November 28

this week's clicks: 5 years of Beyond the Aisle!

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Sunday, November 27

sunday simplicity

“November comes
And November goes,
With the last red berries
And the first white snows.

With night coming early,
And dawn coming late,
And ice in the bucket
And frost by the gate.

The fires burn
And the kettles sing,
And earth sinks to rest
Until next spring.” 
― Clyde Watson

Friday, November 25

Inspiration: Calm Farmhouse Christmas

It's one of our family traditions to begin decorating our home for Christmas in the days after Thanksgiving - as a teacher and a salesman, the long weekend is the last breath of fresh air we'll get before winter break! This year, as I started to collect inspiration, I had way too many ideas for "themes" - everything from White Christmas style ski lodge to Wes Anderson influenced vintage. Somewhere in between these extremes, I kept coming back to soft, calming images of farmhouse entryways and trees decked in burlap and gold. When I put them together, I was in love. 

Last year, I chose world peace as the theme for our Christmas decor, and I'm back to neutrals again this year. Along with a festive touch of weathered Stewart tartan (Target calls it "Sour Cream Plaid,") rustic burlap and aged gold are inspiring me to make my home a comforting haven during this Christmas. This afternoon, as Mr. Q digs our favorite decorations collected over the past five years out of storage, I'm listening to one of my favorite hymns and looking forward to the opportunity to find calm in a busy season.

As the deer panteth for the water
So my soul longs after You
You alone are my heart's desire
And I long to worship You

You alone are my strength, my shield
To You alone may my spirit yield
You alone are my heart's desire
And I long to worship You

I want You more than gold or silver
Only You can satisfy
You alone are the real joy-giver
And the apple of my eye

You're my Friend and You are my Brother
Even though You are a King
I love You more than any other
So much more than anything
- by Martin J. Nystrom

Do you and your family have any special traditions to get ready for the holidays? When do you put up your Christmas tree - are you a Black Friday decorator like me, or do you wait until December?

Monday, November 14

clicks of note: the sun still rises, even through the rain.

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  • This song from The Head and the Heart has literally been my lifeline this week.

Candace Moore at Minerva House via the Elli Blog


Sunday, November 13

sunday simplicity.

“It has long been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important.”
― Arthur Conan Doyle, The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes