Saturday, November 22

My November Essentials

My November Favorites
What I'm loving this month...  (Disclaimer:  Amazon items contain an affiliate code)

Milky Way Caramel Apple Minis
Mr.Q and I sometimes joke about creating a "seasonal food blog" for all the weird treats that pop up around various holidays.  When I spotted these Caramel Apple miniature Milky Ways (my favorite candy bar), I knew we had to try it.  These things are delicious and not overly sweet or apple-y.

When I was coming down with a sinus infection earlier this fall, my chiropractor (who is my go-to guy for all things medical) recommended that I get a cool mist humidier and some Emergen-C.  I didn't get sick, regained my energy, and didn't have to miss a single day of work!

Sarah Hearts calendar wallpaper
As a very forgetful person I need all the help I can get even just to remember what day it is, so I keep a calendar wallpaper on my work and home laptops.  I love this month's calendar wallpaper from Sarah Hearts - the navy and orange is autumnal and preppy.

Lia Sophia "Diary" earrings
Drop earrings are really on trend right now, and I love the filigree pattern and matte silver finish of these - they go with everything and are perfect for everyday or with dressier outfits.

Zoya "Odette" nail polish
I originally purchased this muted lilac polish for spring, but I love it for fall - it looks awesome with other jewel tones and with gold jewelry.

Payless "Copper" mocassins
Minnetonka moccasins are adorable but out of my budget right now, so when I saw these while shopping Payless for shoes to wear to a wedding, I had to try them on - and didn't want to take them off. These flats are so comfortable, and they were BOGO when I picked them up so I got my wedding shoes as well :)

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  1. I don't know that I've seen the caramel apple milky ways, although I'm guessing they're a little hard to find this late in November. In a way they do seem a little scary, but I'd definitely be up for trying them out!

  2. I had no idea there were caramel apple Milky Ways, either! I love trying new and/or holiday treats and those sound yummy! I also love those cute moccasins--they definitely look comfy!

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. Your list is perfect! I'm looking for some comfy house shoes to keep my feet WARM and I never even thought about checking Payless! As long as they're comfy - I don't care what brand they are. And those milky ways sound really interesting. I have a feeling they'd be great!

    1. The shoes I posted from Payless are a loafer style, but they also have moccasins that are "fur" lined that would make perfect houseshoes. The caramel apple Milky Ways are so good but most of my friends were scared to try them.