Wednesday, November 19

inspiration: cozy layered looks for grooms, groomsmen, and fall wedding guests

Is it just me, or do a growing majority of the grooms and groomsmen on our favorite wedding websites look like they're getting ready to audition for a Mumford and Sons cover band?  I'm not complaining - I love these stylish and festive fall looks for men.  More and more grooms are breaking away from the traditional tuxedo, and autumn's cooler temperatures mean plenty of ways to experiment with layers of gingham, tartan, tweed, and corduroy.

Both of these dapper gents are rocking plaid dress shirts with their suits.  I'm a sucker for a three-piece-suit, personally, and a bow tie gets me every time.

This group of groomsmen is rocking a pretty delightful mix of plaid, chambray, and tweed with both bowties and neckties.  Ladies, how do we feel about facial hair on the wedding day?  I kind of like it for a rustic wedding.

Not only are these gentlemen looking dapper in tweed, they are both sporting some seriously beautiful boutonnieres.

Ryan Ray via Project Wedding

In this party, the groom sports a stylish take on the three-piece-suit, swapping out suit pants for corduroys, and his groomsmen are wearing dress shirts, suspenders, and sweaters in an array of fall colors.  I am pretty sure I love everything about it.

Paula O'Hara via Ruffled | Gene Pease of Geneoh Photography via Ruffled

Serious gray jacket action going on over here, with some gorgeous natural boutonnieres.

This guy is rocking a plaid dress shirt, a tweed jacket, and a velvet bowtie.
Let him be an inspiration to us all.

I love the dashes of color and pattern paired with tweed, and these amazingly artistic fall boutonnieres.  I can hear "Wagon Wheel" in my head when I look at these guys.

Velvet bow tie.  Velvet.  Bow tie.  I bet this guy has elbow patches, too.

You know a man is well-dressed when you can call him ruggedly handsome without even looking at his face.

Okay, readers, time to weigh in - how do you feel about the mix and match trend for grooms and groomsmen?  Guys, would you sport this style as a wedding guest?  And let's not forget the facial hair question.

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