Wednesday, February 29

happy leap day!

Happy Leap Day!  Take this extra day to do something unexpected, something beautiful, something brave, something kind... something outside of your 365-day routine.

Sunday, February 26

clicks of note.


  • This Sony Bravia commercial is a year old now, but it makes me so happy I thought it was worth sharing this week.  The music so peaceful and the idea of chucking thousands of bouncy balls down a San Francisco street is the definition of living colorfully.  The making of video on YouTube is cute, too.

  • Miss Modern made her own garter by restyling her best friend's and it is fabulous.  Brides, are you using anything from a friend or family member's wedding as your "something old"?  Do you plan on passing down any of your wedding gear?  I was offered several veils and headpieces when we got engaged but ended up ordering my own since ivory is so difficult to match- if any of my dear friends or family members gets an ivory dress it'll be up for grabs.
  • Shape's Chocolate Cupcakes with Marshmallow Frosting.  I am making these tonight and adding gold glitter sprinkles to celebrate the Academy Awards (the only Best Picture nominee I've seen is The Help but I won't let that stop me!)

Sunday Simplicity #58: it still isn't over...

Saturday, February 25

Pantone Winter 2012: Orchid Hush and Quarry Wedding Inspiration

I feel like I kind of failed at what I set out to do with this post.  I went through my inspiration folders to find orchid hush and quarry and ended up with quite a bit of purple sneaking in and THREE separate photos of flowy bridesmaid dresses.  On top of that, I realized almost all of the images were from Style Me Pretty.  What can I say... I love gray, blue, and purple, and I love SMP.  I think if I had a late winter/early spring wedding, it would look a little like this.


Style Me Pretty

Bride || Groom

EmersonMade || Style Me Pretty

Style Me Pretty

Bridesmaids || Shoes

Tuesday, February 21

Pantone Winter 2012 - Orchid Hush & Quarry accessories and makeup

Can you believe its the last full week of February?  In my world, time is flying, but the snow southwest Virginia got this weekend is a reminder that it's still winter.  The last two Pantone colors for Fall/Winter 2011, orchid hush and quarry, are wintry colors that will look great in Spring as well because of their softness.  Here are some ways to incorporate these gorgeous colors into your wardrobe via accessories and makeup.

Earrings by ElainaLouiseStudios and PoleStar on Etsy, $12 and $32 respectively

Metallic cat-eye makeup from Smashbox.  To get this look, Smashbox recommends using Photo Finish Lid Primer; Platinum Cream Eye Liner; Bone, Lavender Grey, and Warm Taupe Eyeshadow; Soft Focus Powder Eye Liner in Heather; Artificial Light Luminizing Powder; and Bionic Mascara.  Whew, that's a lot of products!

Annie Bracelet by Brideblu on Etsy, just $18

Amazing gel manicure via Sweet Talk on the Spot

Zoya nail polishes in Kristen and Tao, $8 each

Monday, February 20

snow day snaps.

This weekend was pretty exciting.

New boots.

Blake Shelton.

Are chocolate chips in a Mason jar a strange decor item?
What about tulips in a teapot?

My little love montage.

The first real snow we've gotten this winter.

Sunday, February 19

Sunday Simplicity #57

I just had to share these lovely photos from Brisbane, Australia photographer Jonas Peterson of Claire and Nick's wedding.

A groom in elbow patches?  Amazing.

Wicked groom style - mixed prints.

There is something so magical about this image.

Ditto this one - the giant chess set and lanterns are such an awesome backdrop.

Friday, February 17

#FebPhotoADay Round-Up

I've been participating in Fat Mum Slim's #FebPhotoADay challenge this month.  I haven't done such a good job of taking a photo each day, but I have completed all of the prompts so far.  Now that I'm caught up, I thought I'd share the photos so far.  I'm also posting them to my twitter each day.

Day 1: My View

Day 2: Words || Day 3: Hands

Day 4: A Stranger
Day 5: 10 A.M. || Day 6: Dinner

Day 7: Button || Day 8: Sun

Day 9: Self-Portrait || Day 10: Makes Me Smile

Day 11: Inside My Closet || Day 12: Front Door

Day 13: Blue

Day 14: Heart

Day 15: Phone

Day 16: Something New

Tuesday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day!

A Valentine from my school's Friends of Rachel club and cupcakes made by two of 
my students (chocolate with conversation hearts and red velvet with cream cheese 
icing).  We also had karate and baritone saxophone demonstrations in my classroom 
today!  Teaching is definitely the best job to have whenever a holiday rolls around.

Valentine's gifts from my Mister - a dozen red roses, a box of chocolates, a sweet card, 
and Romeo + Juliet and THOR on Blu-Ray.  He certainly knows the way to this nerdy 
girl's heart.  I gave him a handmade card with a Words with Friends theme, Breaking 
Dawn on Blu-Ray, Reese's chocolates, Stephen Colbert ice cream, and a homemade 
dinner (steak and rice and chocolate-banana soufles)

I hope you all had a sweet Valentine's Day!