Tuesday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day!

A Valentine from my school's Friends of Rachel club and cupcakes made by two of 
my students (chocolate with conversation hearts and red velvet with cream cheese 
icing).  We also had karate and baritone saxophone demonstrations in my classroom 
today!  Teaching is definitely the best job to have whenever a holiday rolls around.

Valentine's gifts from my Mister - a dozen red roses, a box of chocolates, a sweet card, 
and Romeo + Juliet and THOR on Blu-Ray.  He certainly knows the way to this nerdy 
girl's heart.  I gave him a handmade card with a Words with Friends theme, Breaking 
Dawn on Blu-Ray, Reese's chocolates, Stephen Colbert ice cream, and a homemade 
dinner (steak and rice and chocolate-banana soufles)

I hope you all had a sweet Valentine's Day!

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