Tuesday, July 26

Pantone Fall 2011 Colors

I love the change of the seasons.  Usually right around the 3/4 mark of a season (and our seasons in Virginia are heavy on winter and summer, with springs and falls that are much too brief!) I start anticipating the next one.  At the end of July, I'm planning tailgates and fantasizing about leaves changing color- and the humidity going away!  By the middle of November, I'm thinking Christmas and snow and sparkles and champagne.  By mid-March I'm window-shopping for skirts and sandals, and by May I am ready for vacation.  But mostly, my mind works this way in terms of clothes and colors, and as my mind drifts to, "I need a few new outfits for next season," I start to think, "what colors will I want?" and I've learned to visit Pantone's website when that question comes to mind.

I am really digging this fall's colors, especially the ones that will be nice for transitional summer-to-fall items like layering tees- emberglow, honeysuckle, and quarry will look right at home at a picnic or on the beach when you pull them back out of the closet next spring.

Smoke and Mirrors by BrittsFineArt on Etsy

I've already seen some bamboo-colored sweaters on Polyvore (although I mentally called them mustard) and I would love a leather bag in that shade.  And you know I love phlox because I love every purple ever- isn't that painting with its hints of purple gorgeous?

Deep teal looks very similar to Indian teal, one of Real Simple's four colors that look good on every woman.  Several of the colors appeal to me as colors for home furnishings and wall colors (for my dream house, of course- we're renters so we're stuck with eggshell for the time being).  Cedar is similar to the green I use in my kitchen, coffee liqueur and nougat are incredibly versatile neutrals, and I can see orchid hush and quarry catching on as paint colors for dining rooms or powder rooms.  Quarry is one of those great neutral sea glass blues that would go well with white, gray, black, or brown!

Klimt earrings by mayaruhi on Etsy - feautring bright honeysuckle beads!

The Men's colors are basically the same, with emberglow becoming burnt sienna, honeysuckle becoming raspberry wine, and orchid hush becoming cadet.

Saturday, July 23

Mr. Spin's Work Shower

Mr. Spin's colleagues invited me to come to their office one day a few weeks before the wedding for a couple's shower!

There was lots of yummy food on pretty cake stands (that I wanted to steal...)

Spin works in Customer Service for a home decor company and most of his co-workers are female and awesome cooks!

Some of our gifts.  I was overwhelmed at his co-workers' generosity!

Delicious homemade cake!  I loved all the purple.

We had a great time!

Tuesday, July 19

Recap: Bachelorette Party!

When MOH Breeze asked me what I wanted to do for my bachelorette party, I had a clearer idea of what I didn't want- a crazy, out of control and potentially unsafe party.  Naked people of either gender.  Any accessories involving body parts.  I didn't really want to go out of town, either.  I considered going totally non-traditional and doing a river tubing expedition and skeet shooting with my girls, but Breeze was concerned we'd all get sunburns and look horrible at the wedding, so we settled on a tame night out in our city.

Breeze made a reservation at a hotel in the city, brought some accessories and refreshments, and we got ready to go!
My college roommate gets prettified.

We went to dinner at the same restaurant where JQ and I met, then visited some dance clubs.

Breeze and Coordinator C.

Future SIL and me - it was her first time out on the town since she recently turned 21!

College roomie and me.

It was a great night and just what I wanted- to have a fun night out and not have to think about seating charts or table linens for a few hours.

Monday, July 18

Recap: Hair and Makeup Trials

After my first bridal shower, it was time for a hair trial with MOH Breeze's Aunt Sissy.

My inspiration for my hairstyle was Weddingbee's Mrs. Earrings:

The results:

In case you can't tell, I was very pleased with the results.  My hair is coarse and frizzy and it usually takes a small arsenal of hair products to get it to look soft and shiny.  Even though my natural texture if I don't blow-dry my hair is wavy, it's very difficult to get it to hold a curl.  For these amazing curls, Sissy used a curling iron set on the hottest heat and a special hairspray and they actually lasted until late that night, when we went out for a friends' birthday party.  I can get the name of the hairspray if any of you want it.  The only change I really wanted to make for the day of the wedding was to bring the swoop of fake bangs a little closer to my eyebrow.

My makeup inspiration was Katy Perry in the "Firework" video:

I loved the shiny gold and smoky eyeshadow and berry colored lipstick, so I took this picture and a few other screencaps from the video I'd found online to my Mary Kay consultant and she was able to match the colors Katy wore to Mary Kay shades.  

The result:

The same night as my hair trial, I practiced my wedding makeup look one last time- look how the curls are still there!  I apologize for the messy background- I was in the process of moving so there were clothes on hangers everywhere.

Saturday, July 16

Recap: Showered with Love

I was lucky to be showered with love at not one but TWO fabulous showers!

Shower #1 took place three weekends before my wedding.  Look at this amazing spread... this was my "girly" shower and the only direction I gave MOH Breeze was that I wanted purple to be incorporated, that I'd like a garden theme, and that I didn't want a lingerie or "naughty" shower but one that everyone would be comfortable attending.

Monday, July 4

Less than a week to go!

My last minute to-dos:

- E-mail schedule to VIPs
- The seating chart
- Make the last 3 table number frames and stamp them
- Buy supplies for and put together escort cards
- Pick up a few more vases at Goodwill for the venue mantel
- Find an aisle runner, serving set, and pillar candles for the fireplace
- Finish cake table banner
- Finish photo list and e-mail to photographer
- Pick up my dress!!!
- E-mail schedule to VIPs
- The seating chart (I have grown to hate this thing)
- Gifts for minister, flower girl, usher and program girl
- Make the last 3 table number frames and stamp them
- Buy supplies for and put together escort cards
- Pick up a few more vases at Goodwill for the venue mantel
- Find an aisle runner, serving set, and pillar candles for the fireplace
- Finish cake table banner and drink flags
- Finish photo list and e-mail to photographer
- Pick up my dress!!!

Posting will be light this week as I run around trying to get everything ready for Saturday... tomorrow the electricity is being turned on in our townhouse so we will be moving as much stuff as possible, and I'm going bathing suit shopping with my MOH to get ready for the honeymoon.  Philly Bridesmaid is coming to stay with me and my mom on Thursday, so we've been doing a lot of cleaning to get the guest room ready for her (it had become a junk room).  I've also planned a fun "girls' night out" on Thursday at a local nail salon.  Friday will be flower arranging, rehearsal, and rehearsal dinner.  It's a good thing I am so excited I can't sit still!