Monday, July 18

Recap: Hair and Makeup Trials

After my first bridal shower, it was time for a hair trial with MOH Breeze's Aunt Sissy.

My inspiration for my hairstyle was Weddingbee's Mrs. Earrings:

The results:

In case you can't tell, I was very pleased with the results.  My hair is coarse and frizzy and it usually takes a small arsenal of hair products to get it to look soft and shiny.  Even though my natural texture if I don't blow-dry my hair is wavy, it's very difficult to get it to hold a curl.  For these amazing curls, Sissy used a curling iron set on the hottest heat and a special hairspray and they actually lasted until late that night, when we went out for a friends' birthday party.  I can get the name of the hairspray if any of you want it.  The only change I really wanted to make for the day of the wedding was to bring the swoop of fake bangs a little closer to my eyebrow.

My makeup inspiration was Katy Perry in the "Firework" video:

I loved the shiny gold and smoky eyeshadow and berry colored lipstick, so I took this picture and a few other screencaps from the video I'd found online to my Mary Kay consultant and she was able to match the colors Katy wore to Mary Kay shades.  

The result:

The same night as my hair trial, I practiced my wedding makeup look one last time- look how the curls are still there!  I apologize for the messy background- I was in the process of moving so there were clothes on hangers everywhere.


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