Tuesday, July 19

Recap: Bachelorette Party!

When MOH Breeze asked me what I wanted to do for my bachelorette party, I had a clearer idea of what I didn't want- a crazy, out of control and potentially unsafe party.  Naked people of either gender.  Any accessories involving body parts.  I didn't really want to go out of town, either.  I considered going totally non-traditional and doing a river tubing expedition and skeet shooting with my girls, but Breeze was concerned we'd all get sunburns and look horrible at the wedding, so we settled on a tame night out in our city.

Breeze made a reservation at a hotel in the city, brought some accessories and refreshments, and we got ready to go!
My college roommate gets prettified.

We went to dinner at the same restaurant where JQ and I met, then visited some dance clubs.

Breeze and Coordinator C.

Future SIL and me - it was her first time out on the town since she recently turned 21!

College roomie and me.

It was a great night and just what I wanted- to have a fun night out and not have to think about seating charts or table linens for a few hours.