Saturday, July 16

Recap: Showered with Love

I was lucky to be showered with love at not one but TWO fabulous showers!

Shower #1 took place three weekends before my wedding.  Look at this amazing spread... this was my "girly" shower and the only direction I gave MOH Breeze was that I wanted purple to be incorporated, that I'd like a garden theme, and that I didn't want a lingerie or "naughty" shower but one that everyone would be comfortable attending.

  This and all photos from shower #1 courtesy Aunt Sissy (MOH Breeze's aunt who has basically adopted me as her niece since Breeze and I have been best friends since sixth grade).

MOH Breeze and Coordinator C* preparing for the shower... I got my own special plate of pinwheels because I have a parsley intolerance.

The cupcakes turned out to be adorable... MOH Breeze found the butterfly decorations at Michael's.

There were adorable babies, too...

Here's me with my mom.  My garden-theme shower was great; I felt so blessed to be surrounded by amazing women- my mom, aunt, and cousin, my future MIL, SIL, and great-aunt-in-law, my neighbor, my best friends and some of their mothers, and even my all-time favorite teacher.

*When Mr. Spin and I met with our venue director to design the floor plan for the wedding, she was getting the names of all of our vendors and asked if we had a wedding coordinator.  We said we didn't because our wedding was extremely DIY (and, um, we ran out of money and couldn't afford a coordinator).  She said, "well, if there's an emergency on the wedding day and I don't want to bother Heather and freak her out, who is someone I could go to who will know how you two want everything?"  We looked at each other and both said, "C."  She can be a little overbearing sometimes, but at the end of the day, she's the friend who gets things done.  We were a little worried that she would freak out when we called to say, "Oh BTW you are now our wedding coordinator."  Nope.  She loved it and took on her role very seriously, helping me make the schedule, running the rehearsal, and putting together an emergency kit for the wedding day.  She said she had the best job of all because she didn't have to buy a new dress but got to be part of the wedding, and the job was really perfect for her.  She did a GREAT job!

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  1. Aw how precious are those two kiddos? :) Sounded like fun and I love those cupcakes too.. very cute!