Tuesday, January 31

a day in snaps.

This Saturday I decided to do my own version of the photo-an-hour posts some of my favorite bloggers do.

10:30.  My husband lets me sleep late because he is a good man.
The first thing I see every day is this great painting he got me for Christmas, and it's extra lovely with sunbeams.

11:30 & 12:30 - Chores.  Laundry, breakfast, and deciding to clean the pantry.

1:30 & 2:30 - Just Dance 3 and checking out the blog world (I feel a Bleubird shout-out is really appropriate for this post)

3:30 - Beautifying.  I just know you're jealous of my duck loofah.
Later I Google searched "Mt. Palomar" because I get really confused by all the text on the Dr. Brommer's soap labels.  Mt. Palomar is a real place, and it is in California.

4:30 , 5:30 & 7:30 - The two-tone necklace I made this week, making plans for my mom's birthday dinner (Red Lobster... delicious gluttony), which I completely neglected to take any pictures during, then riding to the movie theater.

 9:30 & 12:30 - One for the Money was good; lots of laughs and some romance, my mom and sister are fans of the Stephanie Plum books so I guess those will be my next series if I ever finish reading The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest.  When we got home, I felt like writing... something I haven't felt like doing in a while.

Monday, January 30

clicks of note.

  • Vintage Junky is one of my favorite blogs to read and I have enjoyed following Michelle's journey to owning her own shop!  Her husband makes amazing chalk art which is available in her shop and on Etsy.  These pieces would be great to display at a wedding, or to give as a gift to newlyweds or new parents.  They are giving away a custom piece - see this post for the details.  Winners will be announced February 1st so hurry on over if you're interested!

  • I'm currently drooling over this Sonoma Wedding featured on Style Me Pretty last week.  Wish I'd seen this detail while I was planning my wedding!

  • I'm loving Colbie Caillat's "Brighter Than the Sun," featured in the Big Miracle trailer and the closing credits of One for the Money.  It's going on all my springtime playlists.  The Mr. thought it was Pink singing, but here's an easy test:  if a song gets stuck in your head all day and has a bit of edge, it's probably by Pink.  If it's stuck in your head and pure cotton candy to your ears, it's Colbie Caillat.  See the music video here on YouTube.
  • "After Tonight" by Justin Nozuka is the smoothest new love song I've heard in a while, and I have Pandora to thank. (Micah, have you heard this guy yet?)

  • These seasoned turkey burgers from Kym 22 on All Recipes are uh. may. zing.  Ground turkey, an egg, soy sauce, french onion soup mix, pepper and garlic.  The Mr. and I love them.

Sunday, January 29

Sunday Simplicity #54

Abby Grace has been one of my favorite wedding photographers since she shot my friend Kat's wedding last spring.  Abby got some amazing shots at the Katelyn James Workshop Experience last year.  I am in love with the rich colors and vintage props used in the styling.

And here's one of Katelyn's shots from the day.  Aren't the book page heart garland and jewel-tone streamers awesome?  What an easy DIY that would be for a dessert buffet or sweetheart table.

Friday, January 27

Pantone Winter 2012 - Coffee & Nougat for your walls

When I see these colors, my initial thought of "yummy" immediately goes to "warm and cozy."  These neutrals are easy to live with and make great wall colors because they evoke memories of hot chocolate and warm blankets!

I wouldn't have thought of a brown paint for a nursery, but doesn't it look feminine and sophisticated?  TALENT.

This is one of those colors that I don't think I'd ever get tired of because it would be so versatile.

Remember when I said these colors aren't flashy?
Well, I fibbed a little... look at this stunner of a chevron accent wall created by Stephanie at Sabbe Interior Design with contact paper!  I realize that chevron patterns are trendy, but what an impact this wall would have in a small space - a bathroom, an office, an entryway or even a closet!

Pottery Barn... I think this is either Benjamin Moore Shaker Beige or Wheatfield - a reader who has Shaker Beige in her home says it's most likely Wheatfield.

If you would like to add any of the images in this post to your Pinterest boards or blog please visit the original source by clicking on the link below the image and pin/save from there so the creators get the credit.  Thank you!

What did we learn today?
1.  Neurals make amazing wall colors, and I can't wait until I own a home so I can paint.
2.  Chevron can still look new when done in a neutral palette.  Let me believe this.
3.  I am a little bit obsessed with Benjamin Moore paints.

Thursday, January 26

Bottled Up

Why do I have such a hard time remembering this?  I need to hang this print on my wall, or get it tattooed on my body.

Tuesday, January 24

Pantone Winter 2012 - Coffee & Nougat for your wardrobe

Fall's neutrals are still holding strong this winter.  Here are a few items to warm up your transitional wardrobe as we get ready for spring to arrive.  I think these colors look great with a pop of pink, but that might just be because my brain is already looking forward to Valentine's Day and chocolatey goodness.

Start with a pretty, delicate sweater...

Accessorize with a Vera Bradley purse in Mocha Rouge...

Choose a casual bracelet...

And finish with a manicure in a color with a name that will make you smile!

Monday, January 16

Trendy Tuesday: Side Braids

I'm a little obsessed with braids right now, to the point where my new hair goal is to grow my hair long enough to wear a side braid this spring. Here are some inspiration photos that show it works for any occasion...

for work...
Camilla Belle elegant side braidKim Kardashian elegant side braid
Camilla Belle via StyleBistro|| Kim Kardashian via Hair on the Brain

for the weekend...
Zoe Saldana casual side braidSarah Hyland casual side braid
Zoe Saldana via Totsyblog || Sarah Hyland via The Haircuts

for a party...
Nicole Kidman pretty side braidRachel McAdams festive side braidSelena Gomez beautiful side braid
Nicole Kidman via Brides || Rachel McAdams via Hair Style Images || Selena Gomez via Hair on the Brain

and even as a wedding hairstyle!
Bride with thick side braid from Sweet Sunday EventsBride with sassy side braid from Celebs' Fashion

If you'd like to add any of these images to your Pinterest boards, please click the link below the image to visit the original source and pin from there so the creator/artist gets credit.  Thank you!

Today is a teacher workday.  Let's see how much I can accomplish...

Monday, January 9

A New Year, A New Journal

One of my goals for 2012 is to start art journaling again. In college, I watched a community called jr__nal on Livejournal, and took several classes that stimulated my artistic side- my J-Term drama class where we did a lot of abstract artwork to explore the cultually shared emotional associations we have with certain colors and shapes (which is applicable to set and costume design!) and the class I took on graphic novels and art installations.  I have some nice art journals which are now gathering dust and haven't really been at it since I started teaching.  Well, I believe that creativity begets creativity- spend some time painting, and then later you might feel like writing a poem or working on a bit of fiction.  2011 was really all about the wedding for me, so that's where all of my creative energy went- the centerpieces, the chalkboards, the birdcages and such.  This year, I guess I want to be selfish with my creativity again- to make art for the sake of being able to live through emotions again and again.

This weekend, in addition to a family movie outing to see Sherlock Holmes: a Game of Shadows, we took a little detour to Barnes and Noble, where my sister-in-law and I did some journal shopping.  She found one with illustrated pages, which should really spark some creativity.  I kept going back and forth and finally settled on old faithful: a black, softcover Moleskine with unlined pages and just the right size for sticking in my purse.

Since a black cover is not inspirational to me at all, I've been looking at photos of decorated Moleskines on Etsy and the web.  Here are some that I love:

Alice in Wonderland moleskine by OrchidsHeart on Etsy - this would have been my dream journal in 2009, which was the year of my Alice obsession thanks to Syfy and Tim Burton.

Silhouette moleskine by Tarashton on Etsy.  This could have been "the one" the year I read all of Jane Austen's novels.

Amazing Ideas moleskine by Emily (available here on Etsy)

Emily also makes a Harry Potter moleskine... love it!

Map of Paris moleskine by Movetheneedle on Etsy

Feather moleskine by Sue Brown.  My favorite so far, but I'm not sure my art skills are at that level!

Do you keep a paper journal?  Have you ever tried art journaling?