Tuesday, December 28

potential vendor: forget me not photography and keepsakes

Lesley is a photographer who works with FI. Since he is a photographer himself, they have been scheming about doing work for each other. If she shot our wedding photographs, she would most likely shoot raw images and FI would do the editing. This would fit right in with our goal of having a budget wedding. I have been truly impressed by the quality of her work- it reflects my favorite kind of wedding photography; a good balance of posed and candid pictures, group shots and detail shots.

Lesley's website is http://www.forgetmenotphotographyandkeepsakes.com

Sunday, December 12

our story.

I met JQ in July 2006, the night after one of my best friends got married. We were introduced by a mutual friend and talked about everything from church to football that night. The only thing we didn't seem to have in common was that he was a Virginia Tech graduate and I was a UVa student. I loved his beautiful blue eyes, kind smile, and southern gentleman manners. We began dating about two weeks later and have been together ever since.

JQ has been there for me through final studying and family emergencies, through sickness and health and loss already. We are both passionate about our families, our friends, and the arts, and he is the most considerate person I know. I cannot wait to begin our lives together, to make a covenant with him and become the wife God calls me to be.

Our First Official Date: Mini golf at Bridgewater Plaza
Our First Movie Date: Pirates of the Carribean 2
Our First Kiss: July 22, 2006