Saturday, December 6

My December Favorites

Here's what I'm loving this month... 

My December Favorites
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1. Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Plus volumizing mousse 2. St Ives Even and Bright Scrub 3. 4-Way Nail Buffer from Amazon 4. December desktop calendar from Oana Befort 5. Christmas Welcome Yankee Candle 6. A Thousand Wishes Signature Collection from Bath and Body Works  7. Glee Cast Holiday station on Pandora

Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Plus volumizing mousse - I purchased this mousse to style my hair in curls for Breeze's wedding last year - I had seen a hairstyling tutorial by Kate from The Small Things and couldn't find Aquage lifting foam, but I used her technique and it worked great! I have been using it for special occasions and all-around good hair days ever since.

St. Ives Even and Bright Scrub - This is what I got when I put "St. Ives Scrub" on the grocery list and Mr. Quinn did the shopping - I meant the traditional apricot scrub and wasn't specific enough.  Well, I'm probably not going back to apricot now that I've discovered this pink lemon and mandarin orange goodness.  I love the smell (it helps me wake up in the morning) and the fact that St. Ives uses all-natural exfoliants rather than pollution-causing plastic microbeads.  This one is gentle enough for everyday use and helps keep my skin clear.

4-Way Nail Buffer - I got one of these babies from a mall kiosk years ago and it's an essential part of my weekly routine.  Each side is covered with a different grain of buffer, perfect for smoothing out ridges, shaping nails, and buffing them to a pretty shine just like the technicians at the salon.

Oana Befort desktop calendar - I'm addicted to desktop calendars and this one is so merry and bright for the holidays!  Oana Befort is such a talented artist; I love her slightly bohemian style.

Christmas Welcome Yankee Candle - My favorite Yankee Candle scent, Sugared Apple, gets an upgrade for Christmas by being swirled together with Red Apple Wreath.  My house will smell festive every evening!

A Thousand Wishes - This Bath and Body Works scent is perfect for the holidays.  The top note is champagne, complemented by some of my favorite scents including peonies, freesia, amber, and almond. 

Glee Cast Holiday station on Pandora - It starts with music from the Glee Christmas Album (I love Lea Michele's version of "Oh Holy Night") and builds from there, so you get some Mariah Carey, Kelly Clarkson, and Michael Bublé thrown in too.  I also like the U2 and She + Him holiday stations, depending on the mood I'm in.

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