Tuesday, November 12

Fall 2013: Samba Red

As Thanksgiving and winter holidays approach, I wanted to focus my fashion posts on items that would be easy to incorporate into outfits for special occasions, holiday photos, or holiday gifts. Pantone calls this season's red "Samba" and it's the perfect spicy color for a festive celebration!

Fall 2013: Samba Red

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1. Red Herring floral dress from Debenham's  2. Banana Republic satchel
3. Zoya "Livingston" nail polish  4. Kate Spade scarf from Piperlime
5.  Kate Spade tote from Piperlime  6. Kenzo "FlowerTag" perfume from Sephora
7. Essie "Twin Sweater Set" nail polish  8. Old Navy peacoat  9. Hunter rain boots

My favorite celebrity take on samba red is Michelle Dockery's Prada dress at this year's Emmy- I love the bright red colorblocked with oxblood burgundy - it's unusual and a lot of people would probably expect these two colors to clash, but the clean lines make it work.

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