Saturday, November 9

watching summer fade to fall with instagram...

The last Salem Red Sox game of the season, on Labor Day weekend.

Small town scenes - you know that scene in Lawless where Shia Le Beouf's 
character takes Mia Wasikowska's character to a grove filled with 
kudzu vines?  I think I found it.  Also, isn't our town's courthouse pretty?

Pretty shots from Douthat State Park during Breeze's wedding wekeend.

Attending the Wine Festival and diving into the best book I have read
in a while (although I pretty much had to sleep with the lights on).

Makeup for my 10 year high school reunion.

My first entry for the #busygirlnails fall challenge.  The theme
was Antique Gold.  This is Sally Hansen XTreme Wear in Spark in the Dark.

A few shots from High Point Market - the copper fire kettle is from a 
showroom that we pass on the way to Mr. Q's company each year.
The "Hotel du Palais" sign was my favorite new intro.  The letters
are embossed into the canvass, and of course I love anything French.

I loved the emerald green finish on this console in Mr. Q's company's
showroom at High Point Market.  There's so much inspiration there!

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