Thursday, November 29

inspiration: cabin and woodland style home decor

Winter always makes me crave cozy, warm style inspired by a cabin in the woods...
1. World Market antelope print throw pillow  2. Patch NYC woodgrain throw pillow from Target  
3. "Animals of North America" print from Keiko Brodeur on Etsy
4. Pendleton blanket from Cabela's  5. Terrain faux birch straws  
6. Patch NYC ceramic cake stand from Target

I love mixing rustic items like a Pendleton blanket with more sophisticated, modern pieces.
Keep reading for more inspiration for creating an outdoorsy indoors...

Buckler's camp blend candle from The Motley via Acquire

DIY wood grain glitter lamp shade from Vintage Revivals || Faux bois pillow from Shop Ten 25

Faux bois wallpaper from Better Homes & Gardens

Flannel bedding from Florence via 79 Ideas || Michelle Fries via Houzz

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