Tuesday, November 27

do you have a "no thank you" list?

I recently discovered the blog Your Super Awesome Life (hello, best title ever).  The author, Ashley, is a life coach whose clients are mostly 20-something women. Not only do I now want to be her friend in real life, I loved her post on having a "no thanks" list, which was inspired by one of my other favorite bloggers, Sarah.

Inspired by Ashely, here's are 5 things I say "no thank you" to on a daily basis:

1. High Heels
I am right there with Ashley on this one.  I teach middle school, and I'm on my feet all day, so cute Target or Payless ballet flats get a lot more mileage- every time I've tried wearing heels or even wedges to work I've changed into the flats I keep in my desk by my planning period.  And flats don't make clicky noises on the linoleum floors.  Heels in my world are reserved for weddings and date nights only.

2. Button-down blouses
I want to wear button-down blouses because I think they look super professional, but I have yet to find one that I can wear that fits me correctly- short enough arms that I don't looks like a kid playing dress-up, and a wide enough torso that there aren't gaps between the buttonholes flashing everyone around me.

I used to wear blazers, and eat a lot more frozen yogurt.

3.  Blazers
In college, when my life consisted of lots of sitting and listening to lectures, I wore a lot of blazers in order to look put-together at 8 a.m. without a lot of effort.  Apparently, I'm a lot more animated as a teacher, because when I try to wear a blazer to work I end up burning up.  Cardigans are more comfortable and colorful, anyway.

4.  Tattoos
I have a low tolerance for pain, so I'm not going to subject myself to voluntary torture, even if I would love to have a T.S. Eliot inspired coffee spoon somewhere on my person.  BM Philly has two, because she is fearless.

5.  Complaining About My Spouse
Not that there's much to complain about in the first place, but I try to avoid complaining about my husband to co-workers or friends.  I don't want them to be thinking about some bad habit he has or accidentally-insulting thing he said next time we're all at dinner together.

What's on your "no thank you" list?


  1. Heather...I am so with you on the No tattoos and complaining about your husband...just not cool. Thanks for visiting P.I.P. and your sweet comment.

  2. TOTALLY with you and Ashley on the heels! I just can't do it. My sister wears them daily and I always figured my feet just aren't made for them:p When we go out, if I wear even a slight heel, I pay for it the whole next day with foot pain :(

    1. You might be on to something with the "my feet aren't made for them" thing! I've always thought it's just my klutzy nature that makes me ill suited for heels, but I do have wide feet and it's hard to find cute heels that fit well and don't crush my toes.