Saturday, December 29

beyond the aisle: most popular posts of 2012.

One of my favorite things about being a blogger is being able to look back and see what was important to me over the course of a year.  I also love being able to see what was important to you, my readers.  Here are my ten most popular posts from 2012:

Why this particular Monday Clicks of Note post was so popular?  I'm guessing because of Beyonce and Blue Ivy.

I'm so glad y'all love Kate Middleton, and the Olympics, as much as I do - one of my favorite things about watching the daily coverage on television was spotting what Kate was wearing and looking out for affordable versions of her outfits.  I learned a thing or two about packing for a trip from Kate!

This was an easy craft inspired by my friend Riley.  Independence Day is one of my favorite celebrations and I love rustic style, so it was the perfect addition to the country townhouse.

I was a little obsessed with coral and peach this year, and it looks like I wasn't alone.  Pantone color-themed home decor posts are pretty much a perennial favorite here on the blog, but I'm no longer content with just rounding up inspiration from around the web. I'm going to try to get a little bit more creative with these posts in 2013.

True confession #1:  I was elated to see my pictures of the projects I made for our first anniversary celebration popping up on Pinterest!  True confession #2:  Our Sharpie plates were not hand-washing safe.  They are now just regular plates again.

Soft colors are a wedding trend that never goes out of style, but they seemed especially popular this year.  In 2013, I think we'll see deeper, jewel-influenced versions of many of the same colors.

I was inspired by The Plaid Barn's library cards, and it turns out that a lot of brides were planning book-themed weddings in 2012!  My own wedding utilized books as decor, and I would love to help plan a real-life version of an all-out library-themed wedding someday.

I am not Scottish, but I was so excited about Brave that it got me thinking about Scottish weddings - the one I have attended was super fun and I think grooms and groomsmen in kilts look so elegant.  I would love to feature more cultural wedding inspiration in 2013 - let me know what cultures/countries you'd like to learn more about and I will be happy to do the research.  I know that I have readers from the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Russia, the Ukraine, and the Philippines - would any of you be interested in helping me with a post on your country's wedding traditions?

News flash that's probably not going to shock anyone:  people love warm, neutral colors.  Most of the people visiting this post have been searching for specific paint colors - I think people thinking of committing to a new color really want to see how it looks in real homes.  I can't wait until Mr. Q and I are homeowners so I can break away from builder white and cream.

This is by no means a hairstyle blog, but hairstyle round-up posts have been insanely popular thanks to Google Image Search.  Like the home decor roundups, I'm going to be adding a more personal touch to hairstyle roundups in 2013.

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  1. I think it's so fun to look back and see what posts I wrote were popular throughout the year. Although most of my most popular posts, were that way to one link-up or another, which in a way, does skew the results, but still fun!

    1. Looking at which of my posts have ended up on Pinterest has been interesting too, but I didn't include that information in deciding which ones were most popular.

  2. Great list! Thanks so much for sharing on Super Sweet Saturday

    1. Thanks Steph, and thank you for hosting!