Wednesday, July 18

wedding wednesday: braided bridal hairstyles six ways

I was obsessed with side braids back in January, and the trend doesn't seem to be going anywhere.  I feel like every time I leave my house this summer, I see a cute girl rocking some kind of braid!  Call it the Katniss Everdeen Effect.  Braids of all kinds can make for show-stopping bridal hairstyles, but they also look cute at a summer music festival or a quick trip to the farmer's market.  Keep reading for six ways to rock a braid as a bride, bridesmaid, or for any special (or everyday!) occasion... and yes, you can pair a braided hairstyle with a veil- I've found photographic evidence.

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1. braided updos

Keiko Lynn via The Blushing Bride || Heidi Klum via Weddingbee

Keiko Lynn's maiden braid is cute enough for a special event but could be dressed down for everyday wear - maybe with a vintage dress?  Heidi Klum's hairstyle would be easy to adapt for bridesmaids or a bride.

2. braided chignons

3. classic french braids 

A classic, centered French braid is easy enough for work or even the gym, but these brides show that the second braiding style you ever learned can become formal with a simple ribbon or some amazing vintage brooches-turned-hair-clips.

4. creative side braids

Fishtail braid from Flower Hairstyles || Blake Lively's messy braid from In Between the Scissors

Doesn't Blake Lively look like a bohemian bride with her white lace dress and gold hair accessory?

5. waterfall braids

These hairstyles take my breath away- there is something so fairy-tale-princess about a braided crown and flowing curls.

6. braids and veils


The bride on the left accessorized her braids with a French-style net veil that lets the braids show through, while the bride on the right wears her veil at the crown of her head to let her braided hairstyle shine.


  1. I love braids, especially the braid chignons! I think it looks SO pretty! Now if only I could do this to my own hair... ;)

    1. Most of these are definitely not DIY hairstyles unless someone is VERY talented at braiding!

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  3. This post needs to be share among my friends who are getting married. I personally liked creative side braids. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  4. An amazing blog it is. All the hair styles are attractive because brides are also looking cute with white dress. This braided hairstyle is different then tue typical folded hair style. I like that specially the third one its beautiful.