Tuesday, July 17

summer/fall color trends: cabaret and pink flambe

I don't wear a lot of pink; especially hot pink.  I think I grew up associating it with blonde Barbie types.  However, every girl on this inspiration board is a brunette, so maybe it's time I rethink that aversion.  I would be happy to add the zebra top, bar necklace, or braided cross-back tank to my wardrobe!  Raspberry pink will stay strong for fall - Pantone calls the latest version Pink Flambe and it's just a bit more muted than summer's Cabaret - think the J. Crew patent leather belt below as opposed to the Tippi sweater.
1. Wide brim floppy hat from Frock Candy  2. Neon hoop earrings from Asos  
3. Striped tee from Gap  4. Zebra Girl tee from LOFT  5. Bubble necklace from J. Crew  
6.  "Paisley Martini" nail polish from Scotch Naturals 7.  Shorts from J. Crew  
8. Skyline bar necklace from Minoux  9. Braided cross-back tank from Old Navy  
10.  Tippi Sweater from J. Crew  11. Patent leather belt from J. Crew  
12. "Off the Shoulder" nail polish from Essie  13. Classic wide bangle from J. Crew  
14. Runway makeup inspiration from Pinterest via Fre-Ya

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What color scares you the most, wardrobe wise?


  1. As I've got older I prefer pink and am wearing more of it. I'd like to say I've got a balance of colours. Alot of them strong colours like; pink, Navy Blue, Red, Black

    1. I love doing my Pantone series, but you sure wouldn't know it looking at my closet- it's a sea of neutrals, purple, and blue. I need to introduce more color and that's going to be one of my goals when I shop for fall clothes!