Wednesday, July 25

christmas in july?

I can't remember why Mr. Q and I were talking about "Christmas in July" the other day, but it got me wondering... where did that idea even originate?

According to Wikipedia, the 1892 opera Werther includes a scene with children rehearsing Christmas songs in July... so perhaps the current-day trend of Christmas decorations appearing in stores when we're still wearing short sleeves isn't terribly new after all.  In 1933, a girls' camp in North Carolina held a Christmas in July celebration.  The bottom line today seems to be that there are no major holidays between Independence Day and Labor Day and stores want a theme for their sales.

Epsom Salt snow from Simply Klassic Home

My friend Mary is doing a Christmas in July series on her blog, exploring the different characteristics of God that are named in the Bible.  I love her idea and I'm enjoying reading the posts and finding encouragement.

Reindeer cookies from Bakergirl

For me, "Christmas in July" when I'm at home seems like a good excuse to watch The Holiday and bombard you with our-of-season Christmas inspiration.  Since I'm at camp this week, it seems like a good day to create some sweet little surprises for my friends.

Have you ever celebrated "Christmas in July"?

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