Monday, July 9

clicks of note: it's our anniversary


  • I believe I've featured it here before - possibly a few times - but I can't find a song I want to put here more than our wedding song, Ray LaMontagne's "You Are the Best Thing"


  • An amazing trash-the-dress session- in a country lake, with a black tulle dress- at Love in October.
  • Over at Bowties and Bliss, Meghan shares her horse barn wedding inspiration, and it is dreamy - bunting, s'mores, hay bales, and glittered Mason jars are a few ideas she wants to incorporate into her celebration.

live by.

  • This quote from Mignon McLaughlin gets even better with a design treatment from the Indigo Bunting for Real Simple Magazine's Daily Thought Newsletter.
  • Jennifer Blair's post on being a new wife at Tiny Twig seems especially timely.  Repeat after Jennifer:  you don't have to do it all.
  • From Emily Freeman's post "Where the Brave Find a Home" at In.Courage: "sometimes brave doesn't look extraordinary.  Sometimes, for me, it means digging in my heels right were I am and finding home even though it isn't what I wished it was, even in the midst of the emptiness, the longing, the soon-but-not-yet." 

wedding planning essentials.

  • The Glitter Guide's Taylor Sterling's bachelorette-party manicure (via Webstagram).
  • Nicole at Life with the Beverlys recently celebrated her first wedding anniversary with Daniel; this week she posted about the things from her wedding registry that have been most useful.  I will be happy to do a similar post on my own essentials if you'd be interested in reading it!

be my guest (blogger)?

At the end of this month (July 23-27) I'll be heading to my childhood summer camp to serve as an adult volunteer.  I would really like to feature some guest bloggers here during that week!

I would love to feature your:
  • Wedding/party DIY tutorials
  • Wedding/party planning advice (especially what you learned or things you wish you had done differently!)
  • Inspiration for a particular wedding or party theme
  • Favorite memory from the day of your wedding or other event
  • Home/holiday decor DIY or home improvement tutorials
  • Home tours (especially apartments, condos, townhouses and other small spaces!)
  • Favorite thing in or about your home
If you're interested in guest blogging for me, please send a message to heatherbird at gmail dot com explaining what you'd like to post about and including a link to your own blog if you have one.  I would prefer that guest posts be NEW, ORIGINAL content, not a re-post of something that has already appeared on your blog or another website.

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