Thursday, July 5

new traditions: the anniversary shoot...

One thing that surprised me about becoming a bride was all of the pictures.  In my head, we needed two pictures: a nice posed picture with Mr. Q looking super hot (eat your heart out, mean girls!) to place in the newspaper with our engagement announcement, and a nice posed picture with me looking especially hot in my wedding dress (eat your heart out, ex-boyfriends!) to place in the newspaper with our wedding announcement.

Little did I know that in this world of Facebook albums and do-it-yourself book publishing, two photos would never be "enough," and that the photo-taking does not even end on the wedding day.

Enter a relatively new tradition in the world of marriage: the anniversary photo shoot.  Whether it's for the one-year anniversary (we've survived, but has the top layer of our cake?), the five-year, or beyond, I think anniversary shoots are precious.  Although a professional shoot is probably not in our budget this summer, here are a few anniversary shots that inspire me from around the web as Mr. Q and I approach a full year as husband and wife:

Two Ring Studios (you know I love pinwheels!)
p.s. I'm very jealous of brides who still fit into their dresses a year later.  
I don't think mine would zip.  What can I say, I married a good cook.

Inspired By This (it's that vintage-looking sign...)

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