Tuesday, July 10

paper & clocks: how we celebrated our first wedding anniversary

1st Wedding Anniversary - Beyond the Aisle

Mr. Q and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary yesterday.  The first Monday after the 4th of July holiday is always a really tough one for him at work, so I wanted our house to be really cheerful when he came home - and to remind him of our wedding!  I am an equal-opportunity flower buyer; I picked up some purple chrysanthemums at Fresh Market and put them in an assortment of milk glass pieces from our wedding and glass jars decorated with washi tape (inspired by A Creative Mintand pinwheels from our wedding (book page pinwheels by aubabi78 on Etsy).  I was feeling crafty and it was time to turn some of those ideas I've been saving on Pinterest into reality!

Washi Tape Vase - Beyond the Aisle

The traditional gift for the first wedding anniversary is paper; common gifts include artwork, books, memory albums, gift certificates, maps to special destinations, and concert or movie tickets.  The modern gift is a clock, watch, or sundial.  We chose to treat ourselves to... none of the above.

Giant Bikes - Beyond the Aisle

They have gears like clocks?  I also presented Mr. Q with a gift I shamelessly copied from the Internet...

Date Jar - Beyond the Aisle

I had seen Jennifer's date jar idea on Pinterest a while back and thought it would be perfect for those days when we want to have some sort of adventure but are tired of doing dinner and a movie or window shopping at the antique mall.  Instead of dying my craft sticks I used star stickers to denote dates that require money and planning (college basketball game, play at a local theater), money but no planning (wine tasting at a local vineyard, dinner and a movie), planning but no money (free Saturday at the art museum, hiking trip), and staying at home (homemade pizza, Firefly marathon!).  I came up with 45 dates in all for no other reason than that's all that would fit in my jar.

Sharpie dishes inspired by Brooklyn Limestone - Beyond the Aisle

Another Pinterest idea (inspired by Brooklyn Limestone's Raven dishes) was to make cake plates with verses from our first dance songs and lines from our ceremony readings.  I used the Sharpie method from A Beautiful Mess and plates from the dollar store.  Mr. Q really loves them because they are one of a kind and in my handwriting.

In case any planning brides out there are wondering about the sanity of keeping a layer of wedding cake in the freezer for a year- our cake was edible.  It was wrapped in two layers of plastic wrap and in a box and we put it in the refrigerator to thaw last week.  The chocolate cake part was pretty good; the vanilla buttercream frosting had turned to something more like pure sugar.  We had saved a bottle of wedding champagne and had a toast with the flutes I won from Weddingbee (planning brides, the best advice I can get you is to enter those blog giveaways like it's your job!).  It was a simple and sweet first wedding anniversary celebration put together with love.

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  1. I have seen these adorable DIY plates on Pinterest lately and yours look great!

    1. Thanks so much Kara! The nice thing about a craft made with your own handwriting is that there is a LOT of room for error!

  2. Thanks for stopping by!
    Love those plates! That would be cute for kids' first words or funny things they say, too!

    1. Thanks! I think that is a GREAT idea :)

  3. Love each of your projects! Pretty sure I had all those projects pinned too! :) Happy anniversary!

    1. Thank you so much Rhiannon! It felt great to tackle a bunch of easy projects at once- I think it will make some of the bigger projects I have pinned less intimidating.

  4. Happy 1st Anniversary! Great celebration. :)

  5. Happy anniversary!! Your decorations are beautiful. I need to make one of those date jars too!

    Kelly @ View Along the Way

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