Monday, July 16

clicks of note: odes to summer

  • If you're only familiar with Aaron Lewis from Staind, "Endless Summer" will surprise you - he's gone country!  I thought it was Darius Rucker singing the first time I heard it.  I love that it's about a dad riding around in the summer with his daughters singing along to the radio.
  • Brainbow Inc. created a video for John Mayer's song "Queen of California" using only the Draw Something app- love it, and apparently so does John!
  • Kinfolk Magazine's "Ode to Summer" video by Sea Chant Productions (via Creature Comforts) is breathtaking in its truth and might make you wish you were 16 again.
  • This is the last week that the Post Road Vintage shop will be open until Heather's baby arrives, and this post explaining why she decided to take time away made me proud of her.  It's so important to follow your instincts and to value family and real life over anything happening online.
  • Southern Weddings features a sweet Alabama wedding that will touch your heart; it truly feels like a reflection of families being joined together - the bride's mother chose her dress before she passed away, the groom's mother did the flowers, the bride's father brewed the beer served at the reception, and the groom's father made the bottle openers.  Also, those colorful bridesmaids' dresses and necklaces are amazing.
  • Elizabeth Anne Designs features a spotlight on hydrangeas.
guest blog.

From July 23-27 I'll be serving as an adult volunteer at my childhood summer camp (I'm all trained and everything now).  I am looking for a few more guest bloggers for that week.

I would love to feature your:
  • Wedding/party planning advice (especially what you learned or things you wish you had done differently!)
  • Inspiration for a particular wedding or party theme
  • Favorite memory from the day of your wedding or other event
  • Home tours (especially apartments, condos, townhouses and other small spaces!)
  • Favorite thing in or about your home
  • Hair/makeup tutorials
  • Favorite recipes/your twist on a classic recipe
If you're interested in guest blogging for me, please send a message to heatherbird at gmail dot com explaining what you'd like to post about and including a link to your own blog if you have one.  I would prefer that guest posts be NEW, ORIGINAL content, not a re-post of something that has already appeared on your blog or another website.


  1. I had no idea Jason and Michelle were a couple. I guess I don't pay much attention to celeb gossip. Also, they both seem pretty private, so maybe it hasn't been out there very much.

    I might have to check out that Aaron Lewis song.

    1. My mom keeps me up to date on celebrity gossip because she always watches Entertainment Tonight, E! News, and TMZ.

      Do check it out! His voice works surprisingly well for country music.

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