Monday, July 23

clicks of note: snap out of it!

  • Yellowcard's "Ocean Avenue" - because it will always remind me of my first summer working at camp.  We would sing this one at the top of our lungs.  I'm so happy to be spending this week at the place where I became my true self, and I'm excited about Micah's guest post that will run tomorrow!
  • I always look forward to the "Living in..." series at Design*Sponge, and Living in Moonstruck might just be my favorite one yet.
  • The Sweetest Occasion features the perfect summer road trip outfit.
  • Felt & Wire's interview with Stephen Exels has me inspired to ask if I can keep the menu next time I eat at a fancy restaurant while traveling - I hadn't even considered that you could do that!
  • Looking forward to Rosie Molinary's Shine series (every day in August!).

  • When was the last time you backed up your hard drive?  I wasn't around for the end of last week because I downloaded a virus onto my computer: it was malware that masqueraded as an antivirus program (clever, right?) and even used the Windows shield.  I have removed the link to the site where the virus apparently originated from my blog's sidebar, but I'm going to take on the role of your friendly tech services girl for a minute here and remind you that external hard drives and flash/pen/thumb drives exist for a reason.  Back up your data, or you too may find yourself paying someone else to recover it. 

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