Saturday, December 29

december in instagram.

My favorite Black Friday purchase: an Elf t-shirt from Old Navy.
My students' chain of kindness for our Rachel's Challenge program.

Getting ready for Christmas... and Civil War reenactors getting
ready for the town Christmas parade.  Yep, I live in the South all right.

A view of my uncle's town from 1850 feet.
One of my students made me this penguin he saw on Pinterest!

My students have gotten me sucked into the Beautiful Creatures series
by Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia.

I got my hair cut - nothing drastic, just some long bangs and more layers.

Mr. Q and I and his sister got iPads for Christmas from the Q parents - 
they totally surprised us!

Mr. Q rocking his new cycling jersey and my elliptical time at his gym...
in 2013 we are determined to keep up the healthy habits we've started
this year.  I feel better already!


  1. I haven't read Beautiful Creatures yet, but I did see a preview for the movie, and now I really want to see reading them.

    1. The movie preview was what really got me interested, despite the fact that two of my favorite students have been raving about them for the months, to the point of getting mad and yelling at me when free reading time is over - and now I don't blame them!