Friday, December 28

blog loves: december.

Every month I like to spotlight a few of my current blog addictions.  Here are the blogs I can't stay away from this December... full of style and inspiration for everyday life and special occasions!
  • Rosie Molinary is an author, teacher, and adoptive mom, and reading her blog has changed the way I write this one.  She teaches about body image in her professional life, and she gave me the courage to leave the house without makeup.  I have also really been touched by reading about her adoption journey with her son, Happy.  I even shared her article on raising media literate kids with my students' families in my weekly classroom e-mail - Rosie is a big deal to me!

  • Home Stories A to Z - Beth's motto is "Creating beauty out of chaos one story at a time."  She hosts one of my favorite linky parties and her blog features lots of fun, approachable DIY ideas.

What blogs are you addicted to right now?  Let me know in the comments!

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