Saturday, August 18

travel light: packing inspired by kate middleton

Our packing list based on Kate's Olympic wardrobe includes 25 pieces ideal for business travel with your main squeeze combined with sightseeing:

Packing List:
- 1 solid and 1 colored tee
- 2 printed sleeveless blouses (1 polka dot, 1 striped)
- 2 blazers (1 colored, 1 neutral - Kate's neutral is navy)
- 1 cardigan
- 1 windbreaker jacket
- 2 business style dresses (for meetings, receptions, etc.)
- 1 nighttime dress and 1 daytime dress
- 2 pairs of pants (or shorts or capris)
- sneakers, casual shoes, and neutral dress shoes
- 1 belt
- 1 casual and 1 dressy clutch handbag
- 1 tote bag
- 1 colorful scarf
- dangly earrings, studs, and a bracelet to go with everything

I went for an open-front cardigan for this travel wardrobe rather than a fleece jacket like the one Kate wore.  I think a cardigan is more versatile because you can throw it on during a chilly plane ride (or car ride with the AC on!) or over one of your dresses later in the trip.

Sightseeing Wardrobe 1 (these 10 pieces could make 6+ outfits)

Your "Wimbledon" could be anything that seems to call for a little more polish... meeting a significant other's parents for the first time, going on a nice museum tour, seeing a matinee play... I found a tip about the blue dress on Capitol Hill Style!

Sightseeing Wardrobe 2 (these 7 pieces could make 4+ outfits)

If Kate's Zara blazer is above your budget, ASOS makes a cute red blazer as well for under $60:

The "sailing" outfit could include any outdoorsy activity, really... including cheering for your favorite team!  For the "picnic" outfit, I was inspired by Kate's navy printed dress for the Closing Ceremonies but wanted to include a more casual daytime outfit for travel!

What are your must-have items while traveling?


  1. I love this - I'm brilliant at getting everything into one suitcase but I'm absolutely horrid at packing things to multitask on our holiday. I'm definitely going to try and plan a little bit better for our nine day honeymoon in Samoa! This is so timely too, as I'm doing a clear out of my wardrobe and chest of drawers, trying to only keep items that work well together and fit with my vision :)

    1. I think part of what made Kate look so clever at the Olympics was choosing navy as her "black." A lot of articles about packing recommend choosing items in a similar color palette and usually that means we stick to black, gray, or brown. Navy looked colorful and patriotic at the Olympics but it still went with anything. Gray, nude, and red were accent colors that made her outfits look different even though she was wearing the same pants, polo, and shoes for most of the events!

      So cool that you are going on a Samoan honeymoon- that's somewhere I've always been interested in visiting. If you know what activities you'll be doing you should be able to downsize your packing even more. When we went to St. Lucia a few years ago, I seriously overpacked and ended up wearing my bathing suit or my maxi dress for most of the trip!