Saturday, August 11

the in-between season.

It's an in-between season, this one that's starting.

It starts off subtle.  Catalogues for new teaching materials start to come in the mail.  Friends alert me that our schedules are online and I relish the excitement of seeing new students' faces, via last year's school pictures, for the first time.  The whistles and shouts of football practice drift down the hill when I'm walking to the mailbox.  The school's marquee changes from "Have a great summer!  Read a lot of books!" to dates for business day and the first day of school.

Then it gets a little clearer.  An envelope from the school with a schedule of meetings for the first week back arrives.  Tax-free shopping weekend, which means its officially time to shop for new clothes and school supplies, comes and goes.  I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about reading journals and multiple intelligence inventories.

Back-to-school season is here.

Are you ready?

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