Tuesday, August 7

celebrate: 2012 london olympics closing ceremony party playlist

soundtrack for Your London 2012 Closing Ceremonies party:

The 2012 Summer Olympics will draw to a close in London this Sunday.  The celebration will be titled "A Symphony of British Music," which according to The Telegraph will include THE SPICE GIRLS!  My inner sixth grader is very, very excited.

Here's a playlist I've made for the occasion featuring most of the music from the opening ceremony, a few of my own British faves, and songs that I now associate with the 2012 Olympics thanks to NBC and commercial marketing.  Feel free to crank it to eleven.  And yes, it's heavy on the Spice Girls.  My favorite was Posh.

Other musical acts to get excited about: the Who, Liam Gallagher, Madness, Ray Davies, George Michael, and, if there are any teenagers in your home, One Direction.

Darcey Bussell, whose name was immediately familar to me because she appeared in my favorite childhood ballet book (this book seems to be the most recent version- I may or may not have had a permanent hold on the public library's copy between the ages of seven and ten), will be dancing as the Olympic flame is extinguished- hooray for ballet!  Darcey is well known in Britain as a judge on "Strictly Come Dancing."

Will you be watching the Closing Ceremonies?  What are you looking forward to?

Come back later today for a Brazilian salad recipe!

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