Tuesday, August 21

steeper or cheaper: polka dot crops

I know I'm not the first blogger to feature similar on-trend items in higher-priced and more affordable versions.  For Chic's Sake calls it Crave vs. Save, and one of my favorite features in Capitol Hill Style is 10th Commandment, which features "Elected Official," "Hill Staffer," and "Unpaid Intern" versions of trends in keeping with the D.C. theme of Belle's blog; Belle also posts an occasional Splurge or Save entry.  I'm not a fashion blogger - I'm just a girl who likes to shop.  But when I noticed two very cute pairs of polka dot capris (similar to the Anthropologie pair featured in this morning's round up, which are now sold out) at two very different price points, I had to point it out!

Old Navy Printed Capris | Tory Burch Polka Dot Trousers from FarFetch

If I purchase polka dot capris, I'm going to save my money and visit Old Navy.  To me, this is a trend, not an investment piece!  

I'm not quite sold on printed pants, but if you are more daring than I am and give in to the polka dot crop trend, the GAP holiday lookbook shows a creative way to style them for cooler weather.

Would you wear polka dot pants?


  1. Hi Think I've found you on Pinterest., my picture is a chalk heart shaped board. I'm trying to stay anonymous online and my Pinterest account is linked to Facebook so it shows my full name