Wednesday, August 15

summer color: inspiration for an elegant citrus wedding

Possibly because Pantone has designated Tangerine Tango as the 2012 Color of the Year, citrus weddings have been a major trend this summer.  A citrus theme is a timeless way to celebrate color and sweetness in a summer or early fall wedding.  When I started looking for citrus wedding ideas for my readers who are planning citrus themed weddings, I couldn't stop.  Today, here is some inspiration for an elegant citrus wedding with a tangerine, lemon, and gray color palette - these ideas would look lovely in a ballroom or under a beautiful white tent.  Later this month I'll share citrus-themed ideas from around the wedding blogosphere for those planning bohemian, modern, or vintage-style citrus weddings.

Lemon drops are an adorable favor idea.

Bridesmaids in bright citrus shades and classic ballerina buns... with dresses this fabulous, white bouquets using the same flowers as the bride's bouquet would be a good fit.

Roses make an appearance along with lemons and oranges in this stunning birdcage arrangement.

Roses give a wedding instant elegance, and today they are available from wholesalers and florists in virtually any color you could dream up.


When citrus fruits are in season, oranges or lemons in a beautiful (maybe even thrifted!) container would be an approachable and affordable DIY centerpiece.

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