Monday, August 6

clicks of note - just a kiss before i leave

get your week off to a colorful start.

This is the last week of summer for me- next week it's back to the middle school for a week of classroom-unpacking, organizing, syllabus editing, lesson planning, meeting my new students and their parents, fighting for the copy machine, and meetings, meetings, meetings. I'm going to spend this week relishing all the things that I cherish about summer - plenty of time for morning exercise, reading blogs, cuddling with books written at an adult reading level, going shopping in the middle of the day, taking leisurely lunches, actually making crafts instead of just pinning them, and spending evenings with nothing to grade except my own progress or plan except my next adventure.

  • Mat Kearney's been one of my favorite singer-songwriters for a while, and "Hey Mama" is so catchy! A song heroine who shops at Anthropologie, wears purple boots and has "Cherokee eyes"?  Love it.  Here's a link to the official video.
  • Sara Bareille's official video for "Gonna Get Over You" is worth watching just for the ending.


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