Tuesday, June 19

inspiration for a book themed wedding

Are you familiar with The Plaid Barn?  It's kind of like Groupon in that it offers daily deals but it's specifically for crafty folks.  Today's deal is one I thought would be perfect for brides planning a book themed wedding or library themed wedding: a set of 18 old-fashioned library checkout cards in salmon, goldenrod, and blue for .97 (plus shipping)!

Post edited on 6/21 to add:  Thanks so much to The Plaid Barn for featuring Beyond the Aisle on their Facebook page!  Welcome new visitors; if you would like to add any of the images in this post to your Pinterest or blog please visit the original source by clicking on the link below the image and pin/save from there so the creators get the credit.  Enjoy!

In case you're wondering, "what do library checkout cards have to do with weddings?" here is some inspiration for you:

This would also make a great placecard idea - especially if there was 
a heartfelt note from the bride or groom tucked into that pocket!
Similar pockets can be found on Etsy.

Card catalogs can be found on Etsy as well; they're a little
pricey but would make such interesting home decor after the wedding
that I think it would be worth the investment.

The same pockets and cards would make a very unique guestbook.

These checkout cards would also be great for a book-themed baby shower (those are a "thing" now, and I love it!), for a super-organized classroom library (as an English teacher, there's no way my brain wasn't going there!), or even for your home library if you're a little obsessive about your books.

The Plaid Barn did not compensate me for this post in any way - I just spotted the deal in my e-mail this morning and had to share it with y'all!

Again:  If you'd like to add any of the images in this post to your Pinterest boards, please click the link below the image and pin from the source so the creator gets the credit they deserve.  Thank you.

Happy Planning!


  1. LOVE The Plaid Barn. I had to pass on these cards because I have too many "To-Do" projects now, but I love these ideas! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you, Susan- I enjoyed creating this round-up. If I'd had free reign my wedding would have been even more library-themed; as it was I had books all over the place :)