Tuesday, June 19

simple kind of life.

I am thoroughly loving small town life.  Going to the polls and 
having a co-worker running for town council give you a hug?
That's the kind of thing that makes me happy.  Seeing former
students when we're shopping for groceries; seeing friends out
for a walk when we go out to dinner at a favorite restaurant.
Jubal EarlyBeyond the Aisle
A craving for the simple kind of life I'm starting to achieve has
been with me for a long time.  Being able to drive a few miles
and find pretty much whatever I need (though not necessarily
whatever I want) is such a nice luxury, and the country townhouse
is plenty of space for two people in the beginning of their life.
AutumnTarget bird necklace
We've got our little tribe now, too, people who I know love us,
trust us, and can always be counted on to attend a very nerdy
movie like The Raven, The Avengers... as long as there's food.
Old Navy madras and Aeropostale necklaceLilly cookies from Kroger
Sometimes you have to wear/buy something just because it's fun.
We're on a tight budget right now since school is out for the
summer, but becoming smarter shoppers is really starting to
be rewarding - although we get strange looks from the checkout
boy when we buy in bulk - is he not aware of his store's sales?
Sweet FrogBeyond the Aisle
Frozen yogurt and campfire s'mores are mandatory for hot weather.

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