Thursday, June 28

inspiration for independence day: what to wear

I've written a few times about how much I love small town life, 
and Independence Day is always a reminder of how lucky I 
am to live where I do - our town hosts fireworks show on 
the high school football field and folks that live in the 
neighborhood close to the school have a huge block party 
and invite all their friends - i.e. me.  Whether you're 
hosting a 4th of July soiree or attending a celebration 
as a guest, I'll be sharing some inspiration in the next few 
days to make every part of the fourth picture perfect.

1. Gap crewneck dress 2. Delia's chambray dress with belt 3. Target v-neck dress
4. Modcloth chevron ring 5. Target chambray skirt 6. Quicksilver striped racer tank 
7. Modcloth beach bag 8. Modcloth flats 9. Old Navy flip-flops 10. Old Navy shorts

I'm not the only blogger who thought this week would be a great time for some July 4th wardrobe inspiration!  Check out Jen Loves Kev for an outfit that looks funky and comfortable and Oh Joy for Bri's outfit which includes an outfit for a lady and for a gentleman and an animated sparkler, and therefore blows my mind.  Bonnie at Inspiring Pretty did a round-up post with some great inspiration including sweet striped nails.

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