Tuesday, December 15

My Wellness Wish List

Last week I shared the geeky side of my Christmas wish list, but a lot of the items on my list this year are actually quite practical. Getting healthier is a constant journey for me, and while I was making my Christmas list I thought about items that could improve different aspects of my everyday routine to help me become happier and healthier in 2016! Though these items are useful, they're also luxuries I wouldn't ordinarily buy for myself.

My Wellness Wish List

1. Lifefactory glass water bottle - I'm trying to use fewer plastic containers whenever possible, and water just tastes better from a glass container (I tried a stainless steel bottle and wasn't a fan). The silicone cover makes this bottle practical for toting to the classroom, gym, and yoga studio without worrying about breakage! I love the teal color, but they come in a whole rainbow of shades a variety of sizes.

2. Phillips wake-up light - Every single piece of wisdom about happiness and health seems to include  a push to get more, better-quality sleep. I am a night owl, procrastinate going to bed, and therefore am not a happy camper most mornings. This wake-up light is supposedly a total game-changer because it provides a gentle, sunrise-like glow instead of a hash alarm - I think it would be awesome for these winter days when I have to get up before the actual sunrise.

3. Withings fitness tracker watch - Deciding which fitness tracker to invest in is so confusing! While I'm also drooling over the new Jawbone, my friend Sarah has the unique Withings Activite watch and adores it - I like that the watch's inset face provides a very clear visual on how close the wearer is to reaching the daily goal, and that it's a nice enough looking watch to wear to work.

4. Kitchen scale - Since I was diagnosed with PCOS a few years ago, I've been on a low glycemic index diet. A kitchen scale would help me make sure I'm following recipes and help with portion control.

5. Yoga socks - I don't think I need to explain why these would be awesome to have, but isn't the tribal print cute? I'm a firm believer that having attractive exercise gear makes me more likely to work out.

Have you tried any of these items? Do you have any 
wellness items on your Christmas list this year?

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