Tuesday, July 29

Style: Let's Get Away...

If there's one thing I can count on, it's the distinct kicking-and-screaming feeling I get every year before the first week back to work. If I could design the perfect life, I'd be spending this week on a beach somewhere - maybe at a tropical resort in St. Lucia?  Painting my nails pink and sitting on the patio all week are going to have to do.  Today's inspiration set was inspired by this beach tote and sun hat that were almost certainly switched at birth.

Let's Get Away
1. Amalfi sun hat from Market Earth  2. J. Crew bandeau top and high-waist bottom in "deep hyacinth"  3. Tinley Road cami from Piperlime  
4.  AG Jeans chambray shorts from Nordstrom 5. Bath and Body Works Passionfruit Plum hand soap 6. Deborah Lippmann nail polish in "Whip It"  7.  Essie nail polish in "Haute in the Heat"  8. Bamboula Ltd. beach bag from J. Crew

Let's stop for a minute to talk about this Bath and Body Works hand soap.  My college roommate's bridal shower was last weekend, and we gifted her with the shower curtain and hooks she'd registered for, but I don't like sticking 100% with a gift registry.  I always like to throw in a little something extra... shower curtain... bathroom... soap it was, so off to BBW I went.  This soap smells amazing. End of public service announcement.

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  1. I pretty much only buy BBW soaps now. And since they always have such great deals I always stock up and can normally wait a year or so before buying more. I'll even admit I've been known to wash my hands more often, just because I'm tired of my current scent and am looking forward to the next one!

    1. I feel like I'm treating myself when I buy them, even though I always wait for the sale so I can stock up!