Tuesday, July 22

my fitness style

I'm sure you've heard the common idea that it takes 21 days to form a new habit.  The truth is, it depends on the habit!  For me, summer presents a time to re-focus on my health, hobbies and well-being.  I've been making some gradual lifestyle changes, like cutting down on soda and processed foods and adding some strength training to my routine.   It might sound silly, but brightly-colored workout gear is part of my arsenal and sometimes I sleep in a gym outfit because that gives me one less way to procrastinate in the morning.  I want to get down to a healthy BMI and keep my blood sugar regulated so that I can drop the "pre-diabetic" label next time I get a checkup!  Here are some pieces that would definitely make great rewards for meeting my fitness, health and weight loss goals.

No Excuses!

1. Old Navy tank top  2. Essie polish in "Serial Shopper" + "Too Taboo"
3. Printable wall art from The Lion and the Lark on Etsy
4. Athleta capri pants  5. Carpe Diem pillow from Bright July on Etsy  6. Nike "Roshe Run" sneakers  7. Lifefactory water bottle from Athleta

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  1. oh, love your colorful picks! those essie polishes are so pretty.

  2. HAHAH I love your polish inclusion. I'm totally like that too- I have to look good and then I want to work out so much more!