Thursday, July 24

home envy: colonial houses

Last year, on our trip to Tennessee, I fell in love with log cabins.  On this year's vacation, I couldn't help but pay attention to all of the gorgeous Colonial homes in and around Williamsburg.  Having grown up in Virginia and lived here all my life, Georgian and Federal architectural elements look very normal to me, and of course I spent five years completely surrounded by Jeffersonian architecture at UVa!  Even though I'm not a historian or an architect by any means, I wanted to round up some examples of some of my favorite design elements common to Colonial homes.  Please note:  If you'd like to add any of these images to your Pinterest boards, please click on the link below the image and pin from the source so the creator gets credit!

  • Front doors with pediments

  • Porticoes | JFA Architecture via PRWeb

  • Transom windows and sidelights
Thornton Design via DecorPadIn My Own Style

Are any of these traditional Colonial design elements popular in your area?


  1. Oh how I would love to live in a Colonial House! Such gorgeous images you shared.

    1. I love them! Unfortunately, where I live, the ones with actual historical charm are way out of my price range!