Wednesday, July 24

daisies and mason jars: inspiration for a rustic wedding

Breeze has been my best friend since sixth grade.  We have been through a lot together - the ups and downs of middle school crushes, her sometimes-crazy sisters, high school drama, being two hours apart in college, and finally settling down in the Roanoke Valley with the loves of our lives.  Breeze and her FI originally bonded over a mutual love of country music, so they love all things rustic and western.  They're getting married in September at one of Virginia's beautiful state park, and when Breeze began to describe her dream wedding day, several themes kept popping up: daisies, mason jars, and navy blue.  Here's some inspiration I've collected to help Breeze plan her big day.  

"Hand Delivered" invitations by Jennifer Wick from Minted

This will be the second State Park wedding I've attended - the first was as a photographer's 
assistant to Mr. Q when one of my camp friends (now a state park employee) got married.  
I love outdoor weddings and the rustic setting that State Parks provide, and I'm looking 
forward to staying in a cabin and spending some time in nature while we're there.


Our Labor of Love via Once Wed... one of my all-time favorite photos in the wedding blogosphere.
I am over-the-moon excited about being a bridesmaid in Breeze's wedding.  

Partially because I get to wear cowgirl boots.

My favorite line on Breeze's enclosure card is "Leave your Sunday best at home 
and come in something comfortable!"


Tomorrow, I'll show off how we bridesmaids incorporated some of the same themes from Breeze's inspiration into her bridal shower.  It was my first time planning a bridal shower, and it was a little stressful, but I think things came together in a really lovely way.