Tuesday, July 2

my favorite SYTYCD season 10 contestants (so far)

  • Amy Yakima - Amy's contemporary solo at Vegas callbacks was so beautiful and powerful.  She is super talented on the technical end, as demonstrated in her emotion-filled Sonya Tayeh contemporary piece with Fik-Shun last week (that got a standing ovation from the judges)
  • Brittany Cherry - Brittany's dancing just seems effortless.  She is really growing on me and I like her bubbly personality - she even stood out in last week's opening hip-hop number that had EVERYONE in it.
  • Aaron Turner - Aaron's story really drew me in - he wasn't originally in the Top 20, but was the first runner up, so when another dancer was injured he got his chance.  I really see him as a fighter, and I loved the interview when he said he didn't just want to be in the Top 10, he wanted to be an All-Star. I do look forward to seeing him do solos - he is a DJ so I'm sure his song choices will be interesting.  I do think he needs to work on the acting part of being a dancer just a bit, or he's going to struggle.
  • Jasmine Harper - I am so ready for the show to let her be her own person and not just "Cyrus' ex-girlfriend."  She seems to have a really positive, driven attitude and her lines are beautiful.
  • Tucker Knox - Tucker has had a lot of dance training and it shows.  I look forward to seeing how he will do with different styles - he was great in the Tyce Diorio Broadway piece last week.  Tucker's story is very inspiring - he was in a car accident and doctors weren't sure he would ever walk again - his spine was broken.  He's such a powerful dancer - and the fact that he picked Ray LaMontagne audition music makes me like him even more.
  • Malece Miller - Malece reminds me a lot of Melanie from last season - she has the same kind of whimsical, innocent style.  Her audition intro video almost made me cry - her mom has really sacrificed so Malece could keep dancing and it's clear that she really appreciates it.  Her solos in the audition rounds were captivating and beautiful, she was arresting in her "Silver Screen" piece with Jade last week, and I hope she can keep bringing the same energy to the live shows.  

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  1. I haven't watched the show in quite awhile, so it was fun going through your post!
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