Saturday, July 27

entertaining: breeze's shower! [how to plan a rustic bridal shower: games & gifts]

As much as I love entertaining, party games are not really my forte.  Luckily, I wasn't alone in planning Breeze's shower.  Mandi and I decided on a few games that are easy to play and fun for party guests without making anyone feel awkward.

The Clothespin Game

I used the same washi tape I decorated Breeze's recipe card dividers with to decorate clothespins for a classic shower game.  I got the yellow tape from The Washi Shop on Etsy and the gingham tape from WashiWishes on Etsy.  For the clothespins, I did have to trim the sides of the tape with scissors, but it was one of the easiest crafts ever!  Our rule for the clothespin game was that guests could not say the word "wedding."  If you heard a fellow guest say "wedding," you got to take her clothespin.  Whoever had the most at the end of the party would be declared the winner.  It's fun to hear people get creative with their conversations - like the bride's sister asking her friend, "what time are you getting there on the 14th?"

Breeze's grandmother was our clothespin game winner, and she was very sneaky about getting people to say the "W-word" - now we know where Breeze and Mandi get their competitive streak.

How Well Do You Know the Bride?

We knew we wanted to play this game, and it got even easier when Mandi found a premade version at Michael's.  Questions included favorite color, favorite musician, favorite movie, where the bride and groom met, and how long they'd been together.  The question that ended up being the most fun was "who was the first boy she kissed?"

What's In the Bag?

This one was also fairly easy to put together and to play.  Mandi found things Breeze may need on her wedding day and put each item into a numbered paper bag.  Guests passed around the bags and tried to guess what was inside.

If you have younger party guests, letting them help with games is a good idea - it makes them feel like they are part of the party and keeps them interested in what's going on even though a bridal shower is a tough concept for really young kids to understand.  Our friend's three-year-old loved helping Mandi reveal what was in each bag.

Mandi put together gifts for game winners that included several fun little treats from the dollar section at Michael's in a sparkly black wine bag.  Breeze's mom had the great idea to also provide gifts for each of the children who came to the party - that was a great idea and helped ensure that the kids and their moms went home happy!

Breeze got some really beautiful gifts - I loved the ones that matched the party's theme!

She really loved this bandana-print drink dispenser.

One of Breeze's mom's gifts to her was a bucket FULL of Betty Crocker goodies for her kitchen - so cute!

Breeze (in the black stripes) and her bridesmaids - that's me on the far right!  
We are a beautiful bunch of ladies if I do say so myself.

Linking Up!

Don't miss my previous posts on the bridal shower invitations and decor as well as the food and drinks we served at the party.  I hope that you have enjoyed these posts - please let me know if you have any questions!


  1. We went to a shower recently and I finally got to play the spice guessing game. Luckily, it was a couples shower since the boy is our cook, and together we were able to win! They also did bingo during the presents, but made guests fill out choices which I thought was fun. And also since it was a couples shower and the groom was there, they also played the shoe game with them.

    Call me silly, but I really like shower games. Although that could be a results of the years I spent reading wedding blogs!

    1. I wanted to do Bingo at the shower but we ran out of time and were worried that we were "over-gaming" the guests. I am hoping I can convince Breeze and her FI to play the shoe game at the wedding reception.

  2. Look likes a fun shower! I wish I can throw a party as fun as this for my bff!

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