Friday, July 19

home envy: log cabin interiors

Yesterday, I shared a few of my favorite log home designs from around the web.  Today, I wanted to show that the insides log cabins can go way beyond that North Woods, paddles and moose theme we've all seen a million times.  Just about any interior design style can look even cooler when juxtaposed with the natural wood, high ceilings and light-filled spaces that characterize most log homes!

The most unexpected interior decorating style for a log home is probably a modern style, but this living room by Jennifer Visosky of Grace Home Design, Inc is totally cool and contemporary.  I especially like the Union Jack wall hanging!

This is more of a classic log cabin interior, but notice the distinct lack of bears and canoes!  Instead, check out that awesome stone fireplace and wooden mantel shelf.  The accents are a little bit vintage, a little bit rustic.

How about an elegant log cabin interior?  The chandeliers and dark wood in this space remind me of wine country.

I featured the exterior of this log home yesterday; the casual interior is so inviting.  I especially love the built-in bookshelf and I am a sucker for two-story living rooms.

Finally, here's a log cabin decorated in a farmhouse style complete with cow and sheep paintings!


  1. I love the dark wood with the light stone. But I have to say I kind of love the bear and moose décor, too.

  2. Love. These are like dream houses. Although ... while I love the idea of all the natural light from floor to ceiling windows, the girl in me who watches too many crime shows would get freaked out at night. :-/

    1. Haha - me too! I would need curtains and/or vertical blinds on all of those windows.