Monday, January 11

this week's clicks: i'll meet you there halfway between...

get your week off to a colorful start...

  • The Brothers Comatose are an acoustic quintet whose music blends bluegrass and folk, so naturally I'm smitten. "Morning Time" features vocals from The Gramblers' Nicki Bluhm, whose voice pairs perfectly with singer Ben Morrison's, and the lyrics seem especially relevant to me at this house-hunting stage in my life with Mr. Q.


"Life literally never goes as planned, so don’t waste your time fretting about the future. Life is never going to work out how you planned and the sooner you accept that, the sooner you will start greeting the unexpected with open arms. Let the unknown, the unplanned and the possibility of change excite you. Let the future take you to places you never knew."


What are your plans for this week? Have you made any
resolutions or chosen any mantras for the New Year?
Fellow bloggers, I'd love it if you shared a link to your 
favorite recent post/Tweet/Pin/Insta in the comments!

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