Monday, September 17

clicks of note: never let me go.

get your week off to a colorful start...

  • I heard this Norah Jones cover of Elvis' "Love Me Tender" on the So You Think You Can Dance performance finale and was swept away.  What a perfect wedding song this could be - apparently it was recorded for the soundtrack of a Princess Diaries movie, but don't let that stop you!
  • I'm so happy that Glee is back!  My favorite performance last week was Blaine's version of Imagine Dragons' "It's Time."


  1. I hope you find what you need for that school spirit manicure. :)

    Also, I was thrilled "Glee" is back. I'm anxious to see how this season goes with so many vets gone. Or supposedly. I feel like there was a TON of Rachel in the first episode. I hope that doesn't become a pattern. I think my favorite performance was "Call Me Maybe." Yeah, I know the song has been overdone, but I love me some Brittany, Tina and Blaine. I like the new girl too.

    1. I'm wondering, are Kurt and Rachel the only grads whose post-HS lives we're going to see? It seems like they're leaving the door open since Finn and Rachel are still in touch, Brittany keeps up with Santana, and Jake is Puck's secret younger brother. I kind of wish they'd drawn the should-Kurt-stay-or-go storyline out a little, I feel like they could have gotten more out of that storyline than just Blaine singing a song being all the push he needed. I liked "Call Me Maybe" too, and I liked the new girl Marley's character and voice. I loved Sam trying to cheer her up and her voice was awesome on "Chasing Pavements." I love Billy Joel too much to really enjoy anyone else singing "New York State of Mind." :)