Friday, September 7

trend alert: geometric accessories

Geometric design is making its way from home decor into fashion this season.  Geometric accessories are an easy way to add quirky modern style to your fall wardrobe.  Here, some inspiration for fall shopping as well as some DIY ways to add some angles to your jewelry box.

Geometric decoupage necklace from Accessory8 on Etsy

No. 5 in White from Wearable Planter on Etsy
How cool is that?

DIY painted clay pendants at Scientific Culture

DIY glittered clay pendant from Dismount Creative...
I can't wait to try this idea!

DIY leather diamonds from Hank and Hunt

DIY clay necklace from Delighted Momma...
I loved playing with Sculpey clay as a kid and these directions look so easy to follow!

Which of these geometric accessories is your favorite?

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