Thursday, September 13

home decor trends: terrariums

You may have noticed in my feature on geometric-inspired items for the home that I'm a little obsessed with terrariums right now.  I hadn't caught on to this trend because more of the terrariums I'd seen in real life had weird fake mushrooms or gnomes in them, and I thought a terrarium had to be a little mini-landscape.  Having done some research and seen a few stunning examples online, I now know that a terrarium is a way to grow a plant in a contained mini-ecosystem, no gnomes required.  Unless gnomes are your thing.

Terrariums can be traditional, giving a room a conservatory look, or modern, adding a whimsical shape and pop of green to your space.

You can use terrariums to introduce a trend like geometric shapes into your home decor...

or create a terrarium by repurposing items you already have around your home.

DIY Terrarium from an outdoor light fixture by Liz Marie
Glass cylinder terrarium from Better Homes and Gardens (their tutorial seems very helpful)

Inverted mason jar terrarium from Disdressed

You can hang a terrarium on the wall for living art...

DIY Wall Garden favors featured on Ruffled

or suspend one from the ceiling!

Hanging succulent terrariums featured on CasaSugar (wouldn't these look cute at a modern wedding?)

Terrain hanging terrarium via Remodelista

A terrarium in teeny necklace form is magical.

DIY Terrarium necklace featured on Ecouterre


  1. Lovely! I've been looking for something new and interesting in the way of terrariums, and this definitely fits the bill. Can't wait to get into our new place so I can get one started again! Succulents are one of the few things I can manage not to kill...

    1. I really like the lantern one and want to try either one of those or a mason jar one this fall!

  2. fun! I love the one in the lantern, too! Must try it! Hugs...Debbie

    1. I think that one is becoming my favorite, and I feel like lanterns are always available at places like TJ Maxx and Ross.

  3. I love terrariums - especially the mason jar and lantern!

    1. I hope to try my hand at making one of my own soon!