Tuesday, September 4

summer/fall color: kelly green

Since it's essay-writing season in my life, I'll start this post with a thesis statement: kelly green makes people feel cheerful, is in style regardless of season, and looks good on every woman.  I won't spend three paragraphs convincing you my thesis is true; instead, I hope the inspiration pictures I've gathered will persuade you that a few basics in kelly green - a cardigan, a pencil skirt or cropped pants, and a tee - will make your closet a happier place.

My4Boys on Polyvore shows how the kelly green version J. Crew's Jackie Cardigan can transition from summer to fall.  It's like this color has multiple personalities - fun and preppy with seersucker and flip-flops, completely sophisticated for the office with a tan skirt and animal print shell.

Navy blue is kelly green's best friend.  You cannot go wrong with this combination.  The easiest kelly green outfit is a navy blue top and kelly green pencil skirt, as seen on the Marc Jacobs runway (via Fashionologie) and the styling used to advertise the Emerson Fry 2 Button Belt Skirt.

A real-life take on the navy + kelly green pencil, this time with a navy striped blazer for a fun work look from Lilly's Style.

Actress Melanie Thierry from FabSugar

I think of colored cropped pants as a summer wardrobe item, but I like Melanie Thierry's rolled green heans paired with black heels and an ultramarine bag for fall or winter.

I think these LOFT petite curvy cropped jeans look really comfortable.
One of my coworkers wore some similar pants from TJ Maxx last week with a white tank, oatmeal cardigan, and mushroom flats, and it looked so sophisticated.  She got tons of compliments and has pledged to wear color more often!

Kelly green and stripes go hand in hand and add a touch of prep to an outfit.
The Breton-style tee on the left is J. Crew; the cardigan on the right is GAP (what do y'all think of kelly green, navy, and orange for a weekend look?)

Kitsmommy on Polyvore shows how to pair J. Crew's Tippi Sweater with kelly green's other BFF pattern, polka dots.  If you draw one conclusion from this post, let it be that J. Crew and J. Crew outlets are probably a good place to find a lot of kelly green items in one place.

This polka dot tank is my favorite thing from La Posh Style.

I love this outfit from Eleonora C. on Lookbook.nu - just a simple kelly green tee, but it looks so special and festive paired with a chunky statement necklace and a bright print skirt.  I see fun print a-line skirts at Goodwill and consignment stores all the time, you just have to bee in a searching mood!

J. Crew's colorblock belt is trendy, bright and (get ready to be excited!) on sale.  Merona's kelly green beach bag at Target is a sporty (and affordable) take on the kelly green and navy trend.

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