Friday, September 28

september blog loves.

September's almost here, which means it's blog crush time.  Here are the blogs I'm absolutely loving this month. As a schoolteacher, if I'm reading a blog at all right now it means I really can't stay away from it.  I mean, it's book fair week, people.  I probably have three e-mails waiting for me about The Hunger Games right now.

  • I've been reading Perfectly Imperfect for a while now, and I've decided that, imperfect as she claims to be, Shaunna is a wonder woman.  She restores furniture, creates fun tutorials, and shares inspiration, all while homeschooling her kids and opening a new brick and mortar store!  My favorite project of hers is her writing room.

  • I recently started reading Dandee and I'm inspired.  Danyelle's joie de vivre really comes through her posts, which are a perfect blend of family life, adorable DIYs, and design inspiration.  Her posts are so well-styled and her family is beautiful- with a new little one on the way!
  • A Cup of Jo really makes me wish I knew Joanna Goddard in real life.  Her blog's topics span everything from fashion and home decor to travel, marriage and relationships and I always want to add my two cents in the comments when she asks a question - I don't always feel comfortable doing that on strangers' blogs.  She has even lived my dream of being a magazine editor.  I want her to be the big sister I never had, but I'll settle for virtual advice.
  • Brenda's food blog A Farmgirl's Dabbles hits that perfect sweet spot of beautiful food photography, clear directions, and consistently tasty final products.  These apple peanut butter cookies are definitely happening in my kitchen soon.

What blogs are you addicted to right now?  Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Definitely checking out your recommendations. I always love finding new blogs (though I usually stick to small ones with few followers: I love looking at ones as they grow and are at a similar stage to mine!)